About Cyd


Actress, presenter, voiceover artist, writer, editor, playwright and screenwriter — Cyd's interests and career have always been varied.


Born and raised in Nebraska, she studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before moving to Atlanta to complete her Master of Arts in Communication at Georgia State University. 


Cyd spent the next ten years living and working in New Orleans before relocating to London in 2009 where she currently lives with her husband and four Boston Terriers.

Want to know more about Cyd's personal thoughts, rants and raves? Check out her blogs NOLA to London and Customer Service in the UK.



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8+ Tips to Create a Great Script for Successful Videos

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EDEN LODGE released on DVD and instant video

Cyd stars in the horror thriller EDEN LODGE, now available on Amazon UK, Sky Movies and at most major supermarkets.


Cyd stretches her comedy muscles


Cyd features as the frustrated, yet annoyingly eager call centre representative in this series of comedic corporate videos for NICE Systems.