About me

Freelance health and wellness writer, playwright, screenwriter — my interests and career have always been varied.


Born and raised in Nebraska, I studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before moving to Atlanta to complete my Master of Arts in Communication at Georgia State University. 


I spent the next ten years living and working in New Orleans before relocating to London in 2009 where I currently live with my husband and four Boston Terriers.

New work

Why switching to a clean beauty routine is essential

If you’re using traditional beauty products you may be exposing yourself to toxic chemicals, as well as introducing these harmful substances into the environment. The good news is that in a few steps you can make the switch to clean beauty products that are good for you and the planet.


Why you should do a social media detox - and how to do it

We spend more time on social media than we do on eating and drinking, grooming, or socializing. Find out why it's good to do a social media detox and how to do it.


Reasons to cut back on sugar

Added sugar is considered the single worst ingredient in our modern diet. The good news is if you break the sugar habit here’s what can happen.